Mindset Digital and Beacon Health System have developed a unique learning environment that is engaging, highly visual and extremely effective. It's safe to say that you’ve never experienced training like this, and your associates are going to love it.

Online Learning

Learners experience the course content in five highly-visual and fast-moving online learning modules. Each one takes about 20 minutes to complete. Plus, PatSatPlus courses are available online, anytime. Optimized for PCs, laptops and tablets, the courses can also be viewed on most modern smartphones. With brief, quick moving courses and multiple device support, your learners have more flexibility around the when and where of their training than ever before.

Flipped Classroom

PatSatPlus is a flipped classroom experience. That means your learners take the online courses on their schedules - where and when it best suits each associate or team member. At a few key points in the program, associates come together with their managers or team leaders for quick touch points - quick, in-person sessions that cement the online learning concepts with discussion and practice activities.

In healthcare, this can be a real challenge for already over-busy managers and team leaders. PatSatPlus lightens the load for managers by giving them fully-planned facilitation guides that feature a wide menu of activities and discussions that can be easily dropped in to a wide range of time slots.  Only have five minutes in a weekly meeting? There are activities that fit the bill. Have a bit more time? Check out some of the more detailed 10- and 15- minute options. Topics and exercises are highly componentized to make it easy for leaders to find pre-planned activities that fit their agendas to a T. 

Five Interactive, Online Courses


Be Well

Be Present

Be Healing

Be Attentive

Be Clear


Be Well 

Begin by caring for yourself, so you can better take care of those around you.

Be Present 

Learn to focus your thoughts and energy on the here and now to show others they are important. 

Be Healing 

Uncover new ways to create a healing environment around you. 

Be Attentive 

Learn ways to ensure your compassionate nature speaks through all your actions.

Be Clear 

Discover how to minimize uncertainty and maximize understanding as you share the information your patients need. 


"We love the Field Tips!"

Great training is rarely a top-down endeavor, and creating a real sea change around patient satisfaction requires finding and highlighting the best practices at all levels of the organization. The Field Tips videos that appear throughout the courses do just that - quick, engaging phone videos submitted by associates from across the healthcare landscape with insights and tips on how to provide a great patient experience. 

Keep PatSat Top of Mind 

So you've done a great job rolling out PatSatPlus across your entire organization, and your scores are heading up. So how do you keep the momentum going? What can you do to make sure the lessons of PatSatPlus really sink in and become your system's MO? 

We provide five quick FastFocus videos that help keep the lessons of PatSatPlus top of mind for your associates. Each video is 3-5 minutes and recalls some of the key themes and visuals from each course, helping viewers reconnect with their training experience.  The videos can be deployed in a number of different ways - within your LMS, or on a system intranet, even in e-mail dispatches to your associates.

Each course also comes with carefully designed tip-sheets, highly visual download-and-print assets that your learners can turn to for quick inspiration. They're a great visual reminder that team leaders can post to keep your mission of exceptional patient experiences front-and-center in their units.

Implementation Support

Rolling out a cutting-edge patient satisfaction training program across your organization may seem like a daunting prospect, but rest assured - we've got your back. We've been implementing web-based training programs in all manner of healthcare facilities, and lend our expertise and guidance to your implementation, from the technical aspects through program advocacy and support.

Starting Strong

PatSatPlus is a new kind of training program, and as every innovator knows, in large organizations, you'll always find resistance somewhere along the line. We'll work with you to build the groundswell of support you need to ensure a successful launch, then provide strategies to keep the momentum going. The winning formula here is your commitment combined with our experience implementing disruptive programs of this size and scope.

We Speak Network

We'll work directly with your IT teams and LMS admins to design an implementation that meets your requirements. In an era of rapidly expanding healthcare facilities, we've seen our share of networking and bandwidth challenges, and can walk you through the options you have to land that optimal balance of convenience, performance and accountability.

Customization Options

"There were people we worked with in the videos that we could relate to. That created a real connectedness that we have not had in other service programs we've brought in." -Candace Anderson, Director of ED, Memorial Hospital of South Bend

Want to really have your associates take ownership of patient satisfaction? Then explore some of the ways we can customize PatSatPlus courses for your organization. A variety of options for customizing the courses are available:


We can include your logo, branding and tagline at select moments throughout the experience.

Leadership Message

We can include a short video message from your leadership as part of the Learning Experience welcome video. If you'd like, we can provide suggested talking points for you to work with as you craft this message.

Associate Field Tips

Really want to take customization to the next level? We'll work with you to acquire Field Tips videos from your own associates! Not only does this let you highlight the great tips and strategies your top performers are using across your system, but customized Field Tips really give your program that home-grown feeling.

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