A quick look at PatSatPlus, a new approach to patient satisfaction training.


Unique Learning Experience

PatSatPlus is an entirely new approach to customer experience training. With patient satisfaction now a critical measure of healthcare effectiveness, old, staid, acronym-based models of training simply won’t cut it.

Mindset Digital and Beacon Health System have developed a unique learning environment that is engaging, highly visual and extremely effective. You’ve never experienced a training program quite like this.

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Based on Brain Science

We help learners understand the brain science behind stress – both their patient’s stress and their own.

By recognizing their warning signs, associates learn
to pause and give themselves the moment they need.

And the science doesn't stop there. We leverage the latest in instructional design and online learning strategies to produce an experience that's custom fit to today's busy, digitally savvy healthcare pro.

Be an Innovator

In 2015, PatSatPlus will be made available to a select group of innovative health systems. In addition to early access, these systems will receive enhanced support, preferred pricing and other benefits.

Join us in launching an entirely new learning experience for a new generation of providers, patients and practitioners.

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